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Packaging design for highest protection

We add special protection features to your packaging: Constructive and reusable packaging elements can be added to cardboard boxes, for instance. By combining them with grid elements, fixations, stampings or PU foam parts sensitive products can be fixed and stabilized. 

Your product. Your packaging design. 

You have special packaging requirements for your products as they have to be well protected at any time? Then and constructive and reusable packaging is the right solution for you. Solidly fixed goods and sufficient crumple zones guarantee secure shipping.

Perfect protection

For perfect all-round protection in the field of constructive packaging we offer fixing and membrane cushion designs: Highly flexible and resistant stretch film layers enclose the product contours. An additional cardboard box, combined with a membrane frame of stretch film protects vibration sensitive products from shocks. The same effect is achieved by using convoluted PU foam.

Disposable and reusable solutions

Blanks, grid elements and grid box linings are also provided by PRODINGER Verpackung. These items stabilize objects by adding separating elements to the box. These disposable and reusable solutions can be manufactured of different materials: Hollow Polycarbonate sheets, corrugated cardboard, chipboard or PE foam. We also provide special individual designs. Stampings already pay off for small runs of 1,000 pieces.