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Bags and sacks

Open, envelop and close: Packaging is a breeze with bags and sacks by PRODINGER Verpackung. You do not have to do without flexibility and diversity as we provide everything that packaging professionals desire, e. g. flat bags, garment bags, furniture slipcovers, carrier bags, tear-off bags and many more.

Quick lock bags

The bag pro for industry and crafting: Quick release bags require no additional locking technique. Our quick lock bags are extra thick, reusable and provided with a rational snap closure – handy for the extraction of subsets. Available also with Euro and labeling fields.

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Flat bags and satchel bags

Our flat bags and satchel bags are particularly strong and resilient. Their smooth surface will protect your goods perfectly from dust and humidity. Larger gusseted bags and sacks made of polyethylene are particularly suitable as inlay bags for reusable containers.

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Flap bags with adhesive closure

Lockable flap bags with adhesive closures are perfect for mailing catalogues, brochures and other printed materials. Our transparent resealable PE film flap bags are suitable for many different products. Available also made of PP-foil – ask our expert advisors.

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Extra viel Platz und Stauraum bieten die geräumigen Bigbags von PRODINGER.


Our big bags carry contribute to improved waste prevention and optimize transport and storage options. Thus, they help to lower costs. Big bags by PRODINGER Verpackung come as stones bag, waste bags, garden bags, grain and flour bags. They are all robust, lightweight, flexible in use and can be filled and emptied quickly and easily.

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Müllbeutel und Müllsäcke für alle anfallenden Abfälle erhalten Sie bei PRODINGER!

Trash bags and garbage bags

We offer a wide selection of trash bags and sacks. Trash bags with drawstrings holding 15 to 60 litres for instance are usable as deposit bags for the household, in the office or for sanitary waste. Sizes from 60 to 240 litres are ideal for trash cans and garbage bag stands. Paper waste can be collected in our paper trash bags.

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Ruckzuck zugezogen! Kordelzugbeutel sind beim Verpacken besonders praktisch.

Drawstring bags

They are particularly functional and suitable for various packaging purposes: Reusable drawstring bags are easy to open and close, thus they make storage easy. Our drawstring bags are available in different sizes – whether for collecting small items or for larger amounts of waste.

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Carrier bags

No matter what you would like to carry: We have the right tote bag for your purpose. With PRODINGER Verpackung we keep a large variety of paper or plastic sachets and carrier bags in different colors and with different handle designs. Upon request, we also offer custom printing for your bags.

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Tear-off bags and t-shirt bags

Tear-off bags and t-shirt bags are an essential for retail professionals. PRODINGER Verpackung provides tear-off bags and t-shirt bags in different sizes, particularly suitable for light goods. 

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