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Foils and films

Packaging for professionals! Our films are the best protection for a wide range of products – whether in storage or transport. Our package solutions made of foil and film are available in a wide range of different sizes, thicknesses, materials and designs. They provide protection from dust or weather influences for almost every product.

Flat foils and cover sheets

Flat foils and cover sheets made of polyethylene are ideal for covering inventory items and for use in construction. Our wide selection of flat foils and cover sheets of various thicknesses provides professional protection. For the construction industry, we also carry extra strong wide films.

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Tubular films

Transparent tubular films come in various widths and thicknesses and are usable for manual and automatic processing. In combination with the suitable sealers tubular films are versatile and can be used for products of different sizes. Our range of tubular films also covers decorative flower foil with roll lengths of up to 1,000 metres.

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Machine stretch films

Machine stretch films protect and secure goods and pallets during transport or storage. We provide transparent and coloured machine stretch films to meet all our customers needs. Their smooth surface on one side ensures the easy loading and unloading of pallets.

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Hand stretch films

Hand stretch films are ideal for securing goods on pallets for instance or for bundling and fixing. They provide a safe packaging and protection from weather influences and dust. Our hand stretch films are characterized by elasticity as well as pressure and shock resistance.

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Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is used to cushion and protect surfaces. The lightweight, shock-absorbing cushion protection is the perfect packaging for sensitive products. Our bubble wraps are available on rolls, cut or finished.

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Foam wrap

Foam wrap sheets are available in various widths and thicknesses, on rolls or made to order. Polyethylene wrapping foams also serve as liners or as insulations, for example when laying parquet.

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Shrink films and hoods

Non-slip shrink films and hoods are particularly robust. They are used for securing pallets for heavy packages or as stable insertion bags, for example. Shrink films are particularly functional, as they cling firmly to the packaged goods and own high tear strength and puncture resistance features.

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Film cuts

Film cuts can be used in order to cover pallets or as protective covers. Film cuts are available with perforations an come on rolls in various widths and thicknesses, transparent or black. We also manufacture film cuts in various sizes on special order.

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