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They are functional and versatile: Our proven tapes always keep you on the safe side! We offer a wide range of different packaging tapes, adhesive films, masking and fabric tapes, double sided tapes or wet glue rollers. With tapes from PRODINGER Verpackung you can rely on highest quality standards for any conceivable application. Whether for carton sealing, for masking or for technical challenges – we certainly have the right tape for you.

Packaging tapes

Packaging tapes are the ideal closure for your packaging, tailored exactly to your needs. With us you get: PVC tapes for medium or large cardboard boxes or packages, packing tapes made of polypropylene or paper tapes for light and medium heavy cardboard. We also offer machine tapes for mechanical processing.

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Fabric tapes

For the diverse requirements of industry and trade, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of numerous product properties and quality characteristics. Our fabric tapes come in different shapes and sizes and are available for simple or technical applications and versions such as heat resistant fabric tapes or masking tapes. 

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Double-sided tapes

Double-sided tapes are perfect for carpet laying and for various applications in trade. For fixing or as a permanent bond: Double-sided tapes are a good alternative to welding or riveting. Due to different carrier materials and adhesive types, we find the right tape for you – even as an individually produced stamping.

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Masking tapes

We keep a large selection of masking tapes in stock for you: Masking tapes are perfect for trade, painting or varnishing. PRODINGER Verpackung offers flat and high masking tapes which are not only stretchy, but also to easy to remove. Masking tapes are also suitable for bonding curves and for packaging.

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Protective films

Adhesive protective films protect various objects from dust, dirt and scratches. PRODINGER Verpackung offers transparent and translucent colored adhesive protective films that are easy to handle and available in many lengths and widths.

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Special tapes

Special solutions sometimes require special adhesive tapes. Therefore, we also have special tapes in stock: For instance, we offer tapes with silicone adhesive for electronical use that resist high voltages or aluminum tapes for the installation of cooling coils, the insulation of pipes or for covering, protecting and repairing.

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Wet adhesive tapes

When applied moistened, wet adhesive tapes enter a permanent connection with cardboard materials. We provide a wide range of wet adhesive tapes: unreinforced for light boxes, amplified for medium cartons and with cross-grid reinforcement for very heavy duty.

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Die cut parts

Tailor-made for your applications. Optimize your production processes with the appropriate stamping. We carry a wide variety of materials and sizes. Die cut parts are ideal for the identification and marking or as impact protection foam pads. We deliver die cut parts as stampings on a roll, on sheets or loosely in a box.

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Labels complement your packaging: We carry everything you need for the labelling of goods or pallets as well as shipping tags, labeling machines, paper adhesive labels and labels with printings such as "Caution! Do not throw" or "Caution! Glass!"

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